Top 4 Instagram-Worthy Cafes to Visit in New South Wales, Australia

Written by
Rachel Goh

Top 4 Instagram-Worthy Cafes to Visit in New South Wales, Australia

Written by
Rachel Goh

Top 4 Instagram-Worthy Cafes to Visit in New South Wales, Australia

Written by
Rachel Goh

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather and thrilling theme parks but beneath its wild and fun exterior lies a hidden side of Australia you've never thought to explore before, and that is their thriving cafe scene! I'm sure you've all heard of the term "cafe-hopping". It's a fun and refreshing activity to embark on with your friends, family or partner. You get to visit a different cafe every time and experience their unique concept, food and ambience! You might get some hits and some misses but in the end, I can think of no better way to spend leisurely holidays and free time than with your company of choice over food and amazing views. Best of all, you can definitely snap some pics for the gram - a different one for each cafe! After all, did you really visit a cafe if you didn't post it on Instagram? Today, I will be listing the top 4 instagram-worthy cafes to visit in New South Wales, Australia!

Speedos Café, Bondi Beach

Speedos Cafe was just recently named the "world's most Instagrammable cafe" by travel publication Big 7 Travel. Take a visit and you'll definitely see why! It's modelled after an Alice in Wonderland theme that's absolutely breathtaking. It's as beautiful as it is peculiar! Speedos is located along the amazing coastline of Bondi Beach as well, so it's a great place to feel the sun on your face and people watch.

Of course, with a cafe, you'd have to look at the food right? Their menu looks absolutely amazing with whimiscal and vibrant dishes such as the Big Breaky, which has eggs (the way you like them), bacon, beef sausage + relish, hash browns, roast tomato and turkish toast. It really lives up to its name. You also have the classic favourite, Eggs Benedict. Speedos serves it up with poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, hollandaise sauce and turkish toast!

If you'd like something sweet, you can go for their caramelised banana + chia vegan pancakes, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Other than breakfast options, they do have mains such as their Soft Shell Crab Burger, that comes cabbage slaw, harissa mayonnaise, pickled onion, leaves and fat chips.

As for drinks, they also serve up a wide variety of juices and shakes. What I'm noticing about their menu so far is that they really take the time to provide green and clean options, such as their Green Goddess Bowl, which comes with poached eggs, smash avocado, chickpea, flax + sesame seed fritters, veganaise, super greens, miso reduction and quinoa sourdough.

Speedos is not just beautiful, it's also a great place to have a brunch, lunch or even dinner, if you want to fill yourselves up but don't want that sleepy, heavy feeling that you get after an extremely oily and heavy meal.

Address: 126 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi

Blacksmith Provedore, Lake Mulwala

Blacksmith Provedore is a chic and stunning wine bar and restaurant overlooking Lake Mulwala. They recently clinched Best Bar Design for the 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards, that is testament not only to their Instagram-worthy place but their delicious food and beverages! They serve up some of the Murray region's best wines and beers as well as a huge variety of wood-fired pizzas, cheese and meat boards!

They really take their pizzas seriously. They ensure that each ball of dough weights exactly 225g. It is made using their 3 day slow-ferment precess and it is hand stretched and made entirely in-house! At Blacksmith Provedore, you can be rest assured that you are served fresh dough. While many pizza places overlook the dough and put more emphasis on the ingredients or the cheese, Blacksmith Provedore sees every component as an important part of the finishing product. After all, they only use San Marzano tomatoes grown in volcanic soil located in the Campania region in the Provence of Salerno, Italy. They slow cook the tomatoes in house as well with no added sugars.

Their menu changes at times to offer what is currently in season. However, they do have a staple that everyone loves, which they dub the Blacksmit pizza - made in-house, the pizza dough is slow-fermented, and hand stretched before being topped with San Daniele prosciutto, Shaw River buffalo mozzarella, fresh rocket leaves and a drizzling of olive oil.

You definitely have to come and see, and taste, them for yourself!

Address: 84 Melbourne St, Mulwala NSW 2647, Australia

The Potager Mount Tomah, Blue Mountain

The Potager Mount Tomah is absolutely breathtaking. It's a venue where people often go to for weddings and parties and I can totally see why. It's enveloped in nature and the view is crazy beautiful. Whilst the interior remains an all-encompassing space, it makes you feel as if you're dining amongst nature still. The interior is strategically decorated to provide a harmonious balance using natural and soft colour tones together with understated furnishing and delicate decorative items, which goes wonderfully with the Botanic Gardens

They also have an interesting menu, such as their Bacon & Eggs with grilled halloumi and the vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto topped with pecorino and truffle oil. Their menu is inclusive of vegan and gluten-free options for anyone who has dietary preferrences.

Enjoy a delicious meal with the breathtaking views of the sweeping Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area!

Address: Mount Tomah NSW 2758, Australia

Folk, Byron Bay

Folk is a quaint café in Byron Bay serving thoughtful fare with a strong focus on plant-based eating and organic, local and ethically-sourced ingredients.

With excellent coffee and amazing food, this truly is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely coffee break, all while enjoying the peaceful and relaxing interior design of the cafe. Other than the beautiful interior and exterior of this cafe, they also focus on three keywords - Organic, Ethical and Local. All products are made in house with a commitment to vegetarian & plant based eating, which is extremely thoughtful. Despite their green menu, you'd be surprised to find that their food have strong flavours that will tantalize your tastebuds.

Honestly, give them a try!

Some recommended dishes include the Buckwheat Banana Hot Cakes topped with locally-sourced honey, and the Organic Smashed Green Peas with poached eggs, grilled citrus and garden greens.

And there you have it! These are the top 4 Instagram-worthy cafes to visit in New South Wales, Australia. Australia's cafe scene have really upped their game. Next time you're planning a trip down south, do give these cafes a try, both for their beautiful interior and exterior and their unique and delicious menus!