Popsical - Karaoke Anytime, Anywhere

Written by
Rachel Goh

Popsical - Karaoke Anytime, Anywhere

Written by
Rachel Goh

Popsical - Karaoke Anytime, Anywhere

Written by
Rachel Goh

Popsical - Karaoke Anytime, Anywhere

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The Story

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Regardless of whether you sound like Beyonce or whether you sound like a wheezing cat, belting out a song fit for the occasion or your current mood simply feels amazing, especially if you’re surrounded by friends or family! Music is something that connects different generations and people from all walks of life, after all. However, it can be difficult to find a karaoke place that is convenient for everyone regarding space, time and costs so karaoke plans can fall through if everyone isn’t on the same page. And the absolute worst thing is having your song cut off because you’ve used up the 2 or 3 hours that you’ve booked the karaoke room for. And that’s why Popsical is here to save the day! With it, you can enjoy karaoke, anytime, anywhere! Sound too good to be true?

Here's my hand to compare against its tiny size!

Popsical is a portable karaoke set and when I say portable, I really mean portable! It’s about the size of my palm and it can be used by simply connecting it to a television at home and a speaker. That’s all! The Popsical set also comes with 2 mics so you can have all the duets you want. The Popsical App, that you use with the Popsical karaoke set, also has a massive song library, so you never have to worry about not being to find all your favourite songs.

The Experience

The set up was easy enough. It felt instinctive even but for people who aren’t too sure, a quick Google search can absolutely help you. The main menu popped up and from there it’s easy to start your karaoke session. You can queue songs and adjust the volume of the mic and stuff just like at an actual karaoke place and best of all, the Popsical app provides over 13 languages, such as Bahasa, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese and so on! For all you K-Pop or Mando-Pop fans, Popsical absolutely does cater to you. We all had a blast singing our favourite songs from our favourite artists.


Best of all, this was done in the comfort of my home which I really loved. I don’t have to go out of my way and have to make the tiring journey home after our singing session. Now, everyone can gather at my place with some drinks and snacks to sing our hearts out. We can even take turns holding karaoke sessions at each of my friends’ houses because the Popsical karaoke device is so incredibly small and lightweight. This is definitely a good investment. Even if my friends aren’t around and I just want to sing my heart out, I can! I could do this lying on the floor or sitting on my sofa. It is entirely up to me and I love the feeling of knowing I can enjoy karaoke anytime, anywhere!

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Funan Mall 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105 (City Hall MRT)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 9:00AM  - 6:30PM



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