Holiday Inn Express - No Frills Hotel, Travel Smart

Written by
Rachel Goh

Holiday Inn Express - No Frills Hotel, Travel Smart

Written by
Rachel Goh

Holiday Inn Express - No Frills Hotel, Travel Smart

Written by
Rachel Goh

Holiday Inn Express - No Frills Hotel, Travel Smart

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Holiday Inn Express is a predictable, no frills hotel located in Katong. It has everything you feel like a hotel should have and everything you're already used to - free breakfast, free wifi, incredible customer service, a laundromat, a gym and many more. What's special about Holiday Inn Express is that they try to make everything more affordable for your travels. If you're a youth traveling with your friends or even a business traveler who doesn't need too much, this is the hotel for you. Holiday Inn Express is for those seeking a smart, simple and affordable travel experience and while it has everything you ever need, it might not have every luxury you want, because of its insanely reasonable price. They promise a clean, consistent and comfortable stay.

While you aren't sacrificing quality, you might find that most activities carried out in the hotel will be self service. While they don't have room service, they do have a menu you can order off where you can then go down to the lobby to pick up your food when they have prepared it. They also have delivery services on their television where you can order takeaway from fast food restaurants or foodpanda, a food delivery service, to order food to the hotel. Not to mention, they also have several vending machines in the lobby. This is one of the examples Holiday Inn Express has gone off the beaten track, in a bid to lower prices for their consumers. While you don't expect to be waited on hand and foot, you needn't worry that you will be devoid of any services you might find in other hotels. For many, these minor "inconveniences" seem reasonable, especially for the price.

At Holiday Inn Express, it's a no-frills experience. You don't get all the fancy add-ons and luxury but you do get a solid and enjoyable stay.


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At Holiday Inn Express, they only have one type of room. Most of the rooms have two single beds or a double bed. The room is clean, simple and consists of a closet, a table and a decent sized bathroom with a shower head and a toilet. It's comfortable, functional and honestly, adequate for the smart traveler who requires a smart and simple stay. They don't have a minibar and don't include snacks in the fridge with hidden costs. Instead, they leave the mini-fridge empty for their guests to use and fill out if they see fit. This seems to be one of their many efforts to lower the costs and it's quite well thought-out because most guests don't tend to go for the chargeable snacks in the mini fridge if they're trying to save costs.


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While Holiday Inn Express aims for the no-frills experiences, they do still have a good range of facilities for the guests. They have a decently sized gym for guests who wish to keep themselves fit, a laundromat for guests who need to wash their clothes, a forex exchange and a business centre for fax and income. It's great to note that all these facilities are open 24/7 and are all self-service, for the guests to use at their own time and at their own discretion.


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They do provide complimentary breakfast and the spread is nothing to scoff at. They have cereal, toast, warm local food, pancakes, yogurt and many more. While they might change up the breakfast menu, you needn't be afraid that you won't fill yourself up for breakfast. It's a buffet-style open concept where you can grab whatever you want. Breakfast starts at 6AM and end at 10:30AM. They would clear up the breakfast dining area after that and transform it into a communal area for guests to chill out, hang around and plan their travel. On special occasions, they might even set up a projector to screen football matches.

Also, guests can actually top up a little bit more to enjoy breakfast at Baba Chews. Baba Chews is a restaurant that serves modern cuisine with Asian influences along with quality brews from Common Man Coffee Roasters & TWG Tea. There, you can get more breakfast items like Eggs Benedict and Nasi Lemak, while also providing a buffet spread of toast, cheeseboards, juices and more. Baba Chews is located right downstairs the hotel, on the first level.

Here at Holiday Inn Express Katong, your experience is sure to be a fuss-free one with no frills! Smart travelers can swear by this place and fall back on it when they need a comfortable stay!

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Holiday Inn Express

88 E Coast Rd, Singapore 423371 (Dakota MRT)