Foodieview (Singapore): Rakuya

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Rakuya

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Rakuya

Written by
Rachel Goh

Rakuya - Japanese Fusion Omakase

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The Story

Rakuya means “楽” (“House of Fun”) and when diners enter this establishment at Katong, they can expect a fun-filled dining experience. Omakase means "I entrust you" in Japanese. This phrase really sums up the concept of omakase and is true to their motto, "Don't ask for a menu because we don't have one". With no fixed menu at Rakuya, chefs whip up dishes based on what they decide is best or based on the seasons. Leave your order in the trustworthy hands of the chef and allow him to showcase his creativity and individuality through his dishes and create a memorable dining experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Besides omakase, Rakuya also offers a wide selection of sake from various regions. There are over 50 types of carefully curated sakes, and a range of seasonal sakes that change in line with the different seasons. Sip on delicious sake as you savour the interesting flavours of every dish.

The Place

Rakuya is tastefully decorated and it's the perfect setting for an intimate dining experience. There are counter seats that seat you right in front of the chef as he prepares the dishes and he can personally pass you the food when he's done. At Rakuya, you're encouraged to talk to the chef and forge friendships, and where else better to do that than in those counter seats.

Other than counter seats, there are also tables for bigger groups.

The Menu

omakase katong singapore japanese

If you're indecisive like me, this place is heaven on earth. Chef presented us with an 8-course meal that was creative, unique and mind-blowing. Every dish was as delicious as the next and every ingredient had its place on the plate, as decorative as it looks.

There was Wagyu beef A4, Bak Kut Udon, Matcha Tiramisu, fresh sashimi and many more. The Wagyu beef A4 was served medium rare; a beautiful gradient of red to brown, coupled with mizuna leaf and Japan corn. A dollop of wasabi and a generous portion of garlic chips was provided at the side. Taking a bite of the wagyu beef, the flavour was rich and the meat was tender. This would make any meat-lover very happy.

Chef recommended that we tried it with garlic chips and a generous amount of wasabi. I obliged, not thinking much, but the difference in flavour was amazing and extremely confusing to me. With just the addition of garlic chips and wasabi, the flavour profile of this dish was instantly transformed. The fatty oily fragrance of the beef was accentuated by the garlic chips and the wasabi mellowed the surfeit factor, bringing the aroma up your nose cavity.

Special mentions definitely go to the Japan corn. Everyone has had corn before, and there shouldn't be anything amazing about corn but this one had a mild sweetness and freshness that cleansed my palate and allowed me to have more of the heavy tasting beef. Chef later told us that one stalk of that Japan corn cost $7SGD! Can you imagine?

Every dish served brought something to the table which was unexpectedly delicious. Every dish was my favourite! Every time I tried a dish, I though that nothing would trump that, until chef served us the next dish. Rakuya was truly a memorable dining experience that.

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89 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428790 (Dakota MRT)

Opening Hours
Tues - Sun: 12:00AM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 9:30PM