Foodieview (Singapore): PPP - Artisan Coffee and Toast Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): PPP - Artisan Coffee and Toast Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): PPP - Artisan Coffee and Toast Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

PPP - Artisan Coffee and Toast Bar

The Story

There are many coffee places in Singapore, but not many have the heart and soul that PPP was founded on. PPP was founded by Leon Foo 10 years ago but they weren't called PPP then. They were referred to as Papa Pahelta but had gone through a rebrand to celebrate their tenth year in business. When they first started in 2009, they would have never imagined to grow as much as they did but they sure did. With a current total staff strength of more than 70 servicing over 100 corporate clients from multinational corporations, F&B establishments, hotels as well as customers through our three F&B/retail outlets in Singapore and Malaysia, they wouldn't never thought that this was all because they shared a love for coffee, specialising in supplying coffee to small cafes and home brewers in the area. Now, they have once again established themselves in Funan as an artisan coffee and toast bar, serving up good old coffee, as well as a few other special creations on their menu.

The Place

PPP is located in Funan Mall on the second level and can be easily spotted when you go up the escalator or stairs. It has more of an open air concept and the design is modern, yet homey. With a balcony overseeing the mall, you can sip on coffee as you chat with your friends or people watch. I especially loved watching the rock climbers attempt to climb the rock wall in Funan, secretly egging them on to reach the top.

The lighting in PPP is bright, but not too bright, perfect to snap Instagram photos of your coffee and toast. It feels really easy to walk in and claim a table to yourself. It's clean, cozy and I could definitely see myself sitting here for hours. Not to mention, their seats are also equipped with wireless charging docks (I know right!) that is free for the customers' use, and customers can browse latest magazines on available iPads.

As with most coffee places, there is also a retail rack where customers can bring home freshly roasted beans for their enjoyment or shop for coffee equipment and accessories. When I visited PPP, there were also some extremely adorable pins that they were selling.

Last but not least, there was also an experience bar where customers can get up close and personal with coffee equipment and even attempt to brew their own coffee. It not only looks pretty good on photos, but it's functional as well! It can be a fun activity as you're waiting for your food.

The Menu

The PPP Coffee store is the first in Singapore to introduce a frozen collection of vintage coffees, otherwise known as The Archive. This selection of coffee comprises some of the best roasts in their ten years of sourcing and roasting coffee, as well as exceptional coffees from other revered roasters from around the world. You can bet that with the ten years they've spent honing their craft and acquiring the best recipes, their coffee are sure to be great.

As dedicated they are with their craft, people love to get creative and so did they. They had some interesting drink items such as Papa's Iced Coffee, which is their classic iced latte topped with homemade coffee jelly. I absolutely love coffee jelly. This drink seems strong, interesting and fun. They also have other drinks such as their Cascara Fizz and Huat Shake, which is a coffee-based milkshake made with espresso, milk, chocolate bits and peppermint ice cream!

The milkshake had hints of coffee (of course), but it was also sweet and milky at the same time, before it hit you with the refreshing blast of peppermint, which slowly mixed in with the chocolate. The drink was an experience and I couldn't stop. The problem with milkshakes is that it tends to leave you feeling surfeit after a while or even leave your throat sore but this did not do that for me. In fact, I wanted more! I had my sweet fix and my coffee fix in one beverage.

One of my favourite toast is the Caramelised Banana Hazelnut Chocolate on Sourdough Toast. Chocolate and bananas together never go wrong but what was special about this toast was the use of sourdough which made it a pleasant sweet and savoury experience. I aslo tried their salmon cream cheese. It was a luxurious breakfast choice and this would definitely be my pick for days where I prefer savoury over sweet. The smoked salmon was slightly savoury adn the cream cheese went so well with it. I took a bite and everything just melted in my mouth into a savoury mess. I loved it!

Besides the toasts, they also have a selection of cakes and assorted Nyonya kuehs such as the Coffee-Infused Gula Melaka Ondeh Ondeh, Pulut Inti and Kuih Bingka, which unfortunately I did not manage to try because I was being a glutton with the toast.

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PPP Coffee
107, #02-19 North Bridge Rd, Funan Mall, 179105 (Nearest MRT City Hall)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 9:00AM - 10:00PM