Foodieview (Singapore): Old Chang Kee - Local Favourite Curry Puffs

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Old Chang Kee - Local Favourite Curry Puffs

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Old Chang Kee - Local Favourite Curry Puffs

Written by
Rachel Goh

Old Chang Kee - Local Favourite Curry Puffs

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The Story

Old Chang Kee is a household name in Singapore. After all, its founders started selling local favour curry puffs in a small coffeeshop stall opposite Rex cinema in the past at Mackenzie Road. It was an instant hit. All the locals loved it and people from all walks of life travelled down to have a taste of the perfect curry puffs. Soon they expanded to selling other snacks along with curry puffs, opening up many brands to satiate the local appetite! Their founder actually traded in a comfortable job and launched himself straight into the hot and greasy kitchen to prepare curry puffs for everyone.

Now, everywhere you go, you will definitely see the Old Chang Kee signboard in its yellow glory, enticing you to buy some of their curry puffs and snacks.

Recently, Old Chang Kee has opened a flagship store at Mackenzie Road, the same place it all started, housing all of the brands they currently own, selling local delights, their takes on local delights and of course their signature curry puffs.

The Place

The Old Chang Kee flagship store is a sight to behold. The building is a mix between modern and tradition. There are nostalgic pieces and photographs everywhere. I felt very at home at the restaurant.

The restaurant is decently sized and looks to be able to fit in 30 - 40 people. The staff are all extremely welcoming and friendly. They even have a corner filled with mementos where you can find a typewriter, some old-school games and blasts from the past. It's really interesting and endearing to see all these items, especially when you think about how Old Chang Kee has grown.

The Menu

Old Chang Kee's menu looked amazing. We had Flower Bread Curry Chicken, Dry Laksa Goreng, Crispy Chicken Drum with Hainanese Rice Ball, Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken Wing, Bubur Cha Cha (dessert) and some snacks. A bowl of curry chicken was placed in the middle of the bread and it resembled a flower. This was a sharing dish and what's best is that the curry is actually refillable! You don't ever have to worry about dipping too much or too little. The curry was rich, savoury, buttery and super delicious, especially when paired with the bread. If you're craving curry chicken, this is the place to go.

The Hainanese chicken rice came with a chicken leg and 3 rice balls. In chicken rice, you know that rice is extremely important, if not the dish would literally just be chicken with rice and that's not what we want. The rice has to be fragrant and flavourful on its own and Old Chang Kee's Hainanese chicken rice delivered! The chicken leg was interesting but delicious all the same, especially paired with the rice.

My absolute favourite though, has to be the dried laksa. It tastes exactly like laksa but dry! There really is no other way to describe it. Usually with laksa, the noodles are tasteless and the flavour all comes through with the soup. However, with this, the noodles are coated with a laksa gravy. It's extremely easy to gulp down and before you know it, it's all gone! It also comes generously with fishcake, prawns and beansprouts.

The nasi lemak was great too. The rice was fragrant and everything you ever needed in a nasi lemak dish was present! I liked that Old Chang Kee served all the local favourites but also put in effort to try to twist them in subtle ways that would be interesting but not too far off from the original concept that you'd be thrown off. Their dessert was warm and comforting, as with their drinks. I loved the coffee chendol.

To finish the meal off, we treated ourselves to some local favourite curry puffs and some of us even took some home to have later! Old Chang Kee at Mackenzie Road has cemented itself as a prime dining location when we're craving local food. I mean, the curry is refillable! Stop hesitating and just come on down. Old Chang Kee has never done us wrong!

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Old Chang Kee

19/21, 23 Mackenzie Rd, #01-01, 228678 (Nearest MRT Little India)

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11:00AM - 9:00PM
Sat - Sun: 10:00AM - 10:00PM