Foodieview (Singapore): Kome Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Kome Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): Kome Bar

Written by
Rachel Goh

Kome Bar - Maki and Donburi

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The Story

Kome Bar was opened under Tatsu Group, the same company who started up Tatsu in CHIJMES. Located in CHIJMES as well, Kome Bar offers Japanese food as well under a different philosophy. They wanted to provide Japanese goodness in a rice bowl or a maki roll and opened up Kome Bar to serve up Makis and Donburi for their customers. Personally, I love Japanese donburi. A donburi is a Japanese rice bowl typically served with a huge layer of ingredients at the top. It's a convenient meal that can be luxurious as well depending on what you put on top. Serving up only the freshest imported ingredients and prime cuts, you can expect to find interesting mixes of Japanese food and sauces in their maki and donburi, which you can pair with their sake, whisky, wine or beer!

The Place

I loved Kome Bar's ambience. It was decorated to resemble Japanese diners, which was very apt. The seatings were comfortable but tables were limited. I expect this place to be quite packed especially during lunch or dinner time, but the tables were placed apart with a considerable amount of distance so there shouldn't be any discomfort. The staff were all extremely friendly as well and immediately asked if I wanted a beverage.

The Menu

Kome Bar had an interesting selection of maki and donburi and the doburi menu really caught my eye! There was a Kome 6 Donburi which consisted of caviar, wasabiko, tobiko, ikura, minced tuna belly and uni, which sounds absolutely delectable and luxurious. They also had a Salmon Mentai Donburi, Bara Chirashi Donburi, Wagyu Don and many more! We ordered the Kome 6, Salmon Mentai, Bara Chirashi and Wagyu Don to share since we were so spoilt for choices. We also ordered a Salmon Asparagus Maki as well. We didn't wait long before our orders came piling in and when I saw the Kome 6 Donburi, I knew I had to try that first.

It looked absolutely amazing. The different toppings were separately laid over a mountain of rice and they all glistened beautifully under the light. The Bara Chirashi was calling to me too. The seafood pieces were huge and looked extremely fresh. I couldn't wait to dig in. There are two types of people when it comes to eating donburi - ones who mix up the entire bowl or ones who just take spoonfuls as it is served, and I belonged to the latter but since we were sharing we all just took spoonfuls of whatever we wanted to eat.

Of course, I went for the Kome 6 first. I made sure to take a little of everything and took a huge mouthful. People often say that uni, which is sea urchin, has the taste of the ocean and I definitely felt like I was transported to the beaches of Maldives. The uni paired with the rest was just amazing. I loved the texture of all the different fish eggs and when you bit into them, the savoury umami flavour spilled out in your mouth, mixing with the rice. The minced tuna belly was rich and luxurious and definitely added a necessary texture to the rice that was soft and melted in your mouth. The Kome 6 was a donburi that was extremely easy to eat. You could just eat mouthfuls after mouthfuls and each mouthful melted in your mouth. Before you know it, it'll be over, which is the exact opposite of the Bara Chirashi Don.

The Bara Chirashi Don was substantial. You had huge chunks of salmon, tuna, egg and avocado on top a mountain of rice. The seafood was fresh, the tamago (egg) was just the right amount of sweet and the avocado was extremely creamy and rich. Every mouthful can be different, depending on which ingredients you want to pair the rice with. I couldn't see myself finishing the bowl and I was glad we were sharing because the portion was truly generous.

I moved on to the Salmon Mentai Don. This don was extremely easy to eat. The salmon seemed to be grilled and had a layer of mentaiko sauce over it. The chef then took a flame to the sauce to char it, releasing this fragrant aroma. The sauce paired perfectly with the salmon and it was creamy, yet light. The sauce definitely kept you wanting more and prevented the rice from being too dry. I loved it! 

Last but not least, the Wagyu Don didn't disappoint. Tatsu group knew their Wagyu beef and the chefs at Kome Bar knew what they were doing. The beef was juicy and cooked just right. The Wagyu juices seeped into the rice, making the rice bowl savoury and absolutely delicious.

All the rice bowls were truly amazing in their own right, depending on your personal preference. I personally loved the Kome 6 the most, even though the rest came close to beating it. We then went on to try the maki. By this point, we were quite full and didn't expect ourselves to finish the maki but we did. It was so good! I don't know exactly what the chef put in the maki but when we popped one in our mouth, we just kept going. The sauce, salmon and asparagus combo was done so well that we unknowingly finished everything. It was truly a satisfying lunch and I will definitely be coming back to this maki and donburi heaven, especailly for my Kome 6!

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Kome Bar
30 Victoria Street #01-10 Singapore 187996 (Nearest MRT City Hall)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 12:00PM - 2:30PM, 6:00PM - 10:30PM