Foodieview (Singapore): GoldLeaf

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): GoldLeaf

Written by
Rachel Goh

Foodieview (Singapore): GoldLeaf

Written by
Rachel Goh

GoldLeaf - Taiwanese Porridge

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The Story

teochew porridge chinese restaurant katong

First opened in 1971 at Orchard Road and now located at Katong, Singapore, GoldLeaf is a family-run business that serves up authentic Taiwanese cuisine with minor tweaks to suit the local tastebuds. Taiwanese chefs were invited down by the owner to develop the menu together with him, and ensure that Taiwanese flavours were infused in every nook and cranny of their menu for the locals to appreciate and enjoy. After so many years in the business, their menu is still as authentic and curated as before, serving up only love and warmth.

The Place

The decor of GoldLeaf seems homey with the iconic lazy susans decorating every round table tops, paired with ornate brown woodcraft chairs. Entering the restaurant, you immediately feel very welcome and at home, like you've been transported to your Grandmother's place and she's just prepared food for you. It's a great place for families to come together to enjoy a meal, reveling in each other's presence. Corporate groups can also visit and bond over a hearty meal, reflecting on past achievements, readying themselves for the upcoming challenges or just to enjoy the friendships created within the confines of the office.

There are huge round tables and intimate 4-seater tables for smaller groups, ready to cater to any group that enter.

The Menu

GoldLeaf's signature is their Taiwanese porridge, accompanied by a wide variety of side dishes. Porridge is a versatile dish that caters to both the young and the old and not forgetting the in-between as well, and maybe that's why diners always feel welcome and feel at home in the restaurant. With side dishes such as their Chye Poh Omelette, Fried Minced Pork with Olives and Volcano Bean Curd with Prawn, every mouthful of porridge can be a different adventure all together. Want savoury this bite and sweet the next? Just pick your choice of side dish and pair it with the fragrant porridge. With porridge being such a light carb, it's pretty easy to just scarf down mouthful after mouthful paired with the side dish of your choice. The variety is exciting and every dish brought something to the table.

All the recommended dishes are immortalised as pictures on their menu and the food all looks amazing. They made their menu with the goal of creating dishes that feel, look and taste like home-cooked food. They do not use MSG in their food and are all skilfully seasoned by the chefs, keeping in mind to always opt for healthier choices when whipping up their dishes.

Of course, they aren't lacking in the dessert department as well. Their creamy yam paste with gingko nut is a splendid end to the meal. The mild sweetness cuts all the savoury dishes you've had before and truly acts as the perfect end to a comforting meal.

GoldLeaf is truly worthy of your patronage and serves up love and warmth in a bowl; a must-try for the foodie.

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GoldLeaf Restaurant
86 E Coast Rd, #01-02, Singapore 428788 (Dakota MRT)

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11:00AM - 2:30PM, 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Fri - Sun:
11:00AM - 2:30PM, 5:30PM - 10:00PM