Big Bus & Duck - A Unique Sea and Land Adventure

Written by
Rachel Goh

Big Bus & Duck - A Unique Sea and Land Adventure

Written by
Rachel Goh

Big Bus & Duck - A Unique Sea and Land Adventure

Written by
Rachel Goh

Big Bus & Duck - A Unique Land and Sea Adventure

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The Story

Tours and guided tours leave a sour taste in my mouth. I'm a tour skeptic. When you think of tours, you think of tight schedules and not having enough time to stay longer at certain places you're interested in because you've got to follow the group. Your time becomes a collective of everyone's time and you've to learn to share. Tours often include you tirelessly walking to endless destinations, only to stay for way less time than you'd prefer, and then having to rush off to the next. That really isn't the best way you'd like to experience your holiday destination, isn't it? Well, here's a tour you can feel rest assured with because it promises a pleasant, informative and unique land and sea experience that does not include any of the above mentioned inconveniences - the Duck Tours

You no longer have to worry about walking tirelessly because you enjoy the tour right from the comfort of their Duck vehicle. Endearingly painted to resemble a duck, it is actually a refurbished Vietnam War-era amphibious vehicle. Yes, you've read it right - it most certainly can be used on land and on water, and I especially loved that they refurbished a vehicle. instead of building new ones because sustainability, am I right? A Singapore Tourism Award Winning Attraction, it also holds an impressive 17-year safety record and have had more than 1 million passengers, so I was truly able to go on this tour with a peace of mind.

The Experience

English guided tours depart every hour from 10:00am to 6:00pm daily and Mandarin guided tours depart at 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm daily. You can make reservations by their guest hotline at +65 6338 6877 (9am to 6pm) or sending them a Whatsapp/WeChat/SMS at +65 9321 7400. You can also try your luck by going down directly to buy tickets!

I decided to go for the English tour and we were required to be there 30 minutes before the vehicle departed just to purchase our tickets and maybe take some photos with the stationary duck vehicle. There was also a mini souvenir shop beside the counter and everything inside is duck-themed. There were soft toys, mugs, home slippers and even a whistle, which emitted a duck sound when you blow on it! I was sold on the whistle and definitely had to get one. It was shaped like a duck's beak and it was just adorable!

When we boarded the vehicle, a tour guide entered the vehicle with us. The tour guide with me was named "James" and he was an absolute delight to have on the trip. As you might've guessed, I truly did not expect to be wow-ed by this tour or even enjoy myself but surprisingly, I did! I sat nearer to the front and saw a sign on top that stated the Duck vehicle's name, which was a cute touch. I definitely chuckled.

James greeted us all and started to give us the run down on the safety stuff and begun his introduction of Singapore. We drove from Suntec towards Marina Bay, where James welcomed us tourists to Singapore and gave us some fun facts about our Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). His speech was clear and he was articulate. I never felt like I couldn't understand him or like he was at a loss for words. He knew his Singapore. I imagined he must've memorised this long monologue about all the facts that he would tell us on this tour and he delivered it perfectly, without making it a bore, which in of itself was already quite an impressive feat.

Before we knew it, we had reached Marina Bay. James asked us to brace ourselves and we did a splash-in to the waters of Marina Bay. It was honestly a fun experience. We all squealed as the vehicle picked up speed and splashed into the waters.

We then went down all the way to the Merlion Park, going past Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay, The F1 building and many more. We had equal opportunities to snap photos and James offered to help us all take photos on our mobile phones. As we waddled past the landmarks in the water, James gave us many fun facts about the place and I think what I liked best about his speech was that even though it was clearly rehearsed, he didn't bombard us with information. He made sure to engage us and include us. It was almost like a conversation.

We went back up on land and drove past the Singapore Flyer and into the Civic District where we saw the Civic Gallery, the War Memorial Park and many more, before we returned back to Suntec.

The entire journey took an hour but honestly, time flew past. It was an enjoyable tour and I didn't dread a minute of it! Duck Tours really do provide a unique sea and land adventure and I'm glad I took the step to give this tour a chance. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Singapore and want to cruise past iconic landmarks and learn all about them within the comfort and confines of a vehicle. It's a very worth-it 1 hour tour!

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Big Bus & Duck
3 Temasek Boulevard, West Wing #01-330, Singapore 038983 (Nearest MRT Promenade, Esplanade & City Hall)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 9:00AM  - 6:30PM