10 Tips For Young Couples On Staycation

Written by
Wilson Komala

10 Tips For Young Couples On Staycation

Written by
Wilson Komala

10 Tips For Young Couples On Staycation

Written by
Wilson Komala

Here are some handy tips that can be useful the next time you go on a staycation with your love done in Singapore!

1. Plan Your Staycation.

Open google and checkout on nearby food, shopping, and entertainment offering.

2. Be Adventurous

Do what you want, explore places you’ve never been before. Be and feel like a tourist, you will be surprised to realize of the little details you have normally missed.

3. Have Fun and you will be Busy

Time flies when you are having a great time. Especially so during a staycation. Just go ahead and have fun!

4. Rest well the night before a Staycation

Staycation is like going on a holiday, without good rest and energy. You won’t be able to hop and run and eat around!

5. Running around and Calories

Have sweet drinks, desserts, and talks with your love one. Run around holding his or her hands, explore Singapore under the hot sun, burning calories and gaining calories together.

6. Food, Food, and more Food

Singapore is all about food, especially good food. Explore by any hawker center with longQ stalls. Staycation is the time to go try it out. Remember 2 stomach means you can share the food and taste more food!

7. Set your budget.

A staycation can be affordable, it can also be very expensive. Set your budget well.

8. Hotel Breakfast

After a night rest on a very comfortable bed, you and your love will be often very tired to wake up for breakfast. Here’s a tip. Set an alarm to ring 15 minutes before breakfast time. Boil a cup of tea, and by the time the tea is done. You will be awake enough to shower and get changed for breakfast!

9. Supper in hotel room

Late night supper, cup noodles, potato chips, and McDonald’s. This are often the food you will munch to end your tiring day. Tip. Instead of eating all the unhealthy food, why not boil eggs! It’s safe, healthy and delicious!

10. Microwaving food.

This is an exclusive tip. Saving the best for the last as always. The next time you have cold food that requires heating, ring up the concierge or in room dining.And ask for complimentary heating of food. You may even have your cold food, properly heated and presented to you!

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