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Alex Birkett
Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Alex works as a Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot where he focuses specifically on freemium acquisition strategy. In the past, he's been a startup growth guy at ConversionXL, and before that, at LawnStarter.

His main strengths and focuses are in growth strategy, data analysis, experimentation design, and search engine optimization. He's dabbled in most marketing channels, though. Generally, he'd have to say he's quite "T-Shaped" (to use industry jargon), with his deep focus areas being CRO, SEO, and content.

He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later moved to Austin, Texas. He still lives in Austin, Texas, but he travels 6-7 months out of the year.

Being at startups early on has taught him to be scrappy, creative, and a hustler (ugh, that word). Transitioning to a large company has taught him how to use resources effectively, build his case to stakeholders, and push things through to execution.

He writes over at and invites you to come say hi.